Personalized Training

Experience an interactive and customized program crafted specifically to address your training needs. Whether you prefer live, in-person sessions or a strategic blend of both, we ensure that you get a training solution that covers every aspect of your needs.

Florence offers assorted IT training courses, however depend upon your Business needs may decide that you require suit to designed to increase productivity and profit

Increase Productivity and Profit

Induction Learning Program or campus to Corporate for GET

Increased workforce scalability and flexibility through multi-skilling upscaling at work

Upskilling or continuous professional development to lateral

Assurance and certification on product software, competence for processes and techniques specific to your company

Upskill your team at their convenience

Our flexible training not only enhances your workforce’s expertise but also serves as a powerful tool to attract, build, and retain top talent.

Discover what custom learning can do for your organization

Our customized training approach

Our personalized training methodology guarantees that every participant gains not just knowledge but the skills necessary for immediate application in their roles.

Targeted Audience

Focusing on specific business needs to address skill gap and knowledge if needed to work on to control attrition and retention strategies


Developing beer, faster, smarter solutions to retail resources in specific course of me and budgets


Delivering a data-driven approach through assessment and assignment to provide outcome, effectiveness, learning measurement and ROI on all project specific needs

Customization and Trend Matching: Our Unique Edge

We revolve around customization and trend synchronization that set us apart in the industry. Renowned as the top leading choice for elite companies, F2I has become an optimal growth for accelerated growth, propelling our clients at a remarkable 3x speed

Pool of experts who rank among the top 1% globally.
Our accomplished professionals not only bring a wealth
of experience but also possess the knowledge to ensure
an unparalleled learning journey.

Delivering and maintaining top-notch courses & ensuring
that learners receive the highest-quality content,
fostering a culture of continuous improvement and

We are dedicated to staying up-to-date with industry
trends, providing learners with content that keeps pace
with the rapid changes in technology. This ensures that
our courses stay relevant & effective in this evolving

We’ll help you cultivate a culture of learning

Boost impact with a customer success partner

Florence Customized Training & knowledge transfer provides a broad range of learning solutions that empower your employees with the skills and knowledge to excel.

Optimize with powerful analytics

At Florence, we know that providing your employees with strategic learning opportunities enhances their knowledge and skills - a key to your organization's success.

Experience seamless systems integration

Needed to sit down on feasibility, design and deliver innovative, best in class training delivery and services that actively engage your employees in the learning process focused on content relevant to your organization's needs.

Deliver learning to employees who wish to engage

Get the advantages of personalized training, understand the return on investment (ROI), and learn how to create a tailored training solution. This customized approach ensures your employees gain the specific skills needed for success in the workplace.

Provide localized learning

Explore our initial offer, the Training Needs Analysis (TNA), to find what suits you best – standard, off-the-shelf, or customized training. Understand the investment in time and money required for your development. Learn how we ensure selecting the right training that aligns with your organization's business needs.

Lead the way with learning paths

We ensure that each member of your team embarks on a purposeful journey of growth, aligning their professional development with strategic organizational goals. We empower your workforce to navigate a trajectory that not only enhances individual skills but also, contributes to the collecve success of your organizaon.

Learn directly from the industry experts

F2I experts bring real-world experiences to their classes. We go beyond traditional learning approaches and work closely with your team, to help them acquire the precise skills.

How we select our instructors

We, as a team, are committed to delivering high-quality services to our clients. Ensuring As a dedicated team, we provide high-quality services to clients. Our experts, the one who impart domain knowledge, possess all the essential skill set and experience. We provide business-focused corporate training, empowering employees to understand broader business environments and contribute to organizational success. Here’s an outline of key topics

Business Fundamentals

Understanding the business problem and core objecves.

Industry Analysis

Analysis of the industry in which the organizaon operates.

Strategic Planning

The importance of strategic planning in achieving business objectives.
· SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).
· Strategic goal-setting and implementation.

Innovation and Adaptability

Adapting to market changes and technological advancements. · Case studies on successful business innovations.

Technology Integration

· Utilizing technology training for business efficiency.
· Digital transformation strategies to Deliver.
· Cyber security awareness and best practices on Labs to perform hands on

Project Management

● We empower employees to comprehend and actively engage in the live projects they will undertake in future.
● Our approach encourages them to go beyond limitations, fostering a proactive and practical mindset for real-world project work.

Learning that speaks to your global employees

Gain real-time insights into your employees’ progress, ensuring a comprehensive view. Monitoring evolving trends in learning behaviors facilitates proactive adaptation to changing training needs.

Courses taught by native speakers for learners

By following these steps, you can create a customized corporate training program that not only addresses real-me problems but also enhances the skills and capabilities of your workforce. Addressing production issues in a business requires a comprehensive approach that combines technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and effective communication. Here’s a guide on business training for handling production issues:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Establish KPIs related to production efficiency and issue
resolution. – Regularly monitor and evaluate performance
against these KPIs.

Feedback Loops

Implement feedback loops to gather insights from
employees on the effectiveness of the training programs. –
Use feedback to make continuous improvements to the
training process.

Cross-Functional Training

Encourage cross-training to ensure that employees have a basic
understanding of different aspects of the production process. –
This enables flexibility in addressing issues and promotes a holistic
view of the production chain.
ers responsible for overseeing production. – Equip leaders with
the skills to lead teams through challenging production situations.

Gain visibility into how your employees are learning

Gain real-me insights into your employees’ progress and learning activities, ensuring a comprehensive view. Stay ahead by tracking emerging trends in learning behaviors, adapting to evolving training needs proactively.

Use learning data to drive business outcomes

Statistics play a crucial role in B2B training content development by adding credibility, supporting use cases and providing evidence to set real time examples and their solution . Here are several ways in which statistics can be effectively utilized in B2B content

Data-driven Decision Making:

We use real me statistics to support decision-making processes in
developing content for training.
This could include data on market trends, customer behavior, or
industry benchmarks.

Industry Benchmarks:

We suggest customers to Incorporate relevant industry statistics to
highlight performance benchmarks.
This helps businesses to understand where they stand in comparison to industry averages and set realistic goals.

Case Studies and Success Stories:

We Include stascal data in case studies and success stories while
incorporate the contents . This could involve
quanfying the impact of a product or service on a client’s business,
such as increased revenue, cost savings, or efficiency gains.

Market Research:

We Leverage statistical findings from market research to support
our content. Share insights into market size,
growth rates, and emerging trends to position our B2B offering
within the broader industry context.

Customer Testimonials with Data:

When incorporating customer feedback and testimonials, include
specific data or metrics about the benefits they’ve experienced.
For example, a client might state that our service reduced their
project timeline by 20%.

Infographics and Visualizations:

Transform statistical information into visually appealing
infographics or charts. Visuals can make complex
data more digestible and engaging for our audience.

White Papers and Research Reports:

Develop white papers or research reports that present in-depth
stascal analysis of industry challenges,
trends, or soluons. This establishes our client business as an
authority in the field.

Content Personalizaon:

Ulize stastics to personalize our training content for different
segments of our B2B audience. For example,
if we ‘re targeting businesses of varying sizes, provide stastics
relevant to each segment.

Data-backed Thought Leadership:

Position our company as a thought leader by creating content that
explores and interprets industry statistics.
This can include analyses, insights, and predictions based on data.

Email Marketing:

We encourage customer to use statistics in email marketing
campaigns to showcase the impact of our B2B solution.
This could involve sharing success stories, industry benchmarks,
or data on the ROI of your product.

SEO Opmization:

Incorporate relevant statistics in our content to improve search
engine opmization (SEO). This can attract organic
traffic from businesses searching for information related to our
client industry.

Scale learning to suit your needs

A well rounded training program that combines technical skills, problem solving abilities, effective communication & a commitment to continuous improvement is crucial for addressing production issues in the business. Regularly update & adapt training programs, to align with evolving technologies & industry best practices.

More learning, less management

We ensure the accuracy and reliability of the statistics use. We cite our sources to use data from reputable sources to enhance the credibility of our B2B content.When designing content for the B2B (business-to-business) training industry, it’s essential to create materials that are informative, engaging, and tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Here are some key facts and figures to consider:

Needs Assessment:

· Fact: Conduct a thorough needs assessment before creang content. Understand the
specific challenges and requirements of the target B2B audience.
· Figure: According to a study by the Associaon for Talent Development (ATD),
organizaons that conduct a thorough needs analysis are more likely to have
high-performing training programs.

Customization and Personalization:

·Fact: B2B clients often appreciate customized and personalized training content
that directly addresses their industry and organizational goals.
·Figure: According to a survey by McKinsey, 66% of B2B buyers expect vendors to
personalize interactions based on their unique needs and challenges.

Interactive Learning:

·Fact: B2B learners, like any other audience, benefit from interactive
learning experiences.
·Figure: A study by PwC found that interactive content, such as
simulations and scenario-based learning, can increase engagement
and information retention by up to 50%.

Mobile-Friendly Content:

·Fact: Many professionals in the B2B sector use mobile devices for learning,
especially when they are on the go.
·Figure: According to LinkedIn Learning, mobile usage for learning increased
by 5% in 2020, highlighting the importance of mobile-friendly content


·Fact: Attention spans are often limited in a busy B2B environment, making microlearning
an effective strategy.
·Figure: Research by the Journal of Applied Psychology suggests that shorter, focused
learning sessions can result in better knowledge retention compared to longer sessions.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

·Fact: B2B organizations value data-driven insights to measure the effectiveness of
training programs.
·Figure: In a survey by Training Industry, Inc., 96% of organizations reported that
they track some training metrics, with 87% using data to improve their
training programs.

Collaborative Learning:

·Fact: B2B professionals often prefer collaborative learning experiences that
allow them to share insights and learn from peers.
·Figure: According to a survey by Deloitte, 68% of employees believe that
social tools make it easier to share knowledge with colleagues.

Continuous Learning Culture:

·Fact: B2B organizations are increasingly adopting a culture of continuous
learning to stay competitive.
·Figure: The 2021 LinkedIn Learning Workplace Learning Report revealed
that 76% of employees prefer learning opportunities that are available
continuously throughout the year.

Certifications and Accreditation::

·Fact: B2B professionals often seek certifications and accreditation to validate their skills and knowledge.
·Figure: According to a survey by Skilljar, 80% of customers are more likely to choose a product or service from a company that offers certification

Compliance and Regulatory Training:

·Fact: B2B industries with strict regulations, such as finance and healthcare, require compliance training to meet legal and industry standards.
·Figure: A survey by Thomson Reuters found that 71% of organizations spend at least $1,000 per employee on compliance training annually.

More learning, less management

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Client / Course Reviews

Our IT department greatly benefited from F2I’s cybersecurity training courses. The hands-on and practical approach taken by the instructors made a significant difference. I highly recommend F2I for any manager seeking impactful and customized training solutions for their teams.

Elaina Skinner

I can confidently say it’s been a transformative experience with F2I. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also adept at understanding the unique challenges our team used to face earlier. The courses were comprehensive and immediately applicable to our daily tasks. This investment has resulted in a more confident and skilled team.

Nora Moore

As an HR professional, it’s our responsibility to provide opportunities for employees to upskill, especially in addressing IT challenges. F2I’s conflict management and IT problem-solving courses were a game-changer. We engaged three instructors, all highly praised. Post-training, our team’s engagement and understanding of these critical topics noticeably improved.

Sonal Kaushal

I can’t overstate the impact F2I has had on our managerial efficiency. The productivity training we undertook with F2I has led to a measurable increase in output and streamlined processes. The tools and techniques shared were immediately applicable, resulting in a more organized and efficient workflow. Highly recommended for managers who also want to boost their team’s productivity.

Shubham Pandey

F2I transformed our beginners to pros! Initially, our freshers struggled with all the sudden changes in IT. Being a manager, I was concerned as to be ahead of the curve, we need to cope up with the trend then when we first interacted with F2I, they understood our concerns right from the first conversation. Their structured training programs eased the stress, providing a solid foundation and practical skills. The journey from uncertainty to confidence was quick and smooth, thanks to attentive approach. They understood our needs and delivered exactly what our team required.

Elliot Greer

F2I’s cybersecurity training was spot-on for our IT team. Hands-on learning, minimal disruption, and a stronger security posture. Highly recommended for tight, focused upskilling.

Joy Alvarez

F2I really helped boost our soft skills! Initially, our team had some trouble with communication and collaboration. When we talked to F2I, they understood our needs right away. Their training was spot-on, giving us practical tips and exercises. Now, our team communicates better and works together smoothly.

Abram Gibson

F2I was instrumental in optimizing our organization’s productivity. Their actionable insights and personalized strategies significantly improved team efficiency, leading to a noticeable boost in overall productivity. Credit goes to F2I for shaping a streamlined workflow, fostering positive results. Their training is a key component in our ongoing efforts to enhance productivity.

Marshall Cooper
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